Technical Data


All Artistic Skylights are available with either domed, pyramid or flat acrylic glazing, or flat glass glazing. Acrylic glazing is available in three colours:

1.CLEAR– recommended when the maximum amount of light is desired.

2.WHITE 2447–translucent material used for light diffusion, reduced heat and glare, and privacy.

3.BRONZE 2412–transparent material used to reduce interior solar heat gain, control glare, and prevent bleaching of furnishings while permitting clear vision to exterior.

Material Color Transmittance Shading
Visible Light Solar Heat
Acrylic Clear 92% 85% .89
Acrylic Bronze
27% 35% .43
Acrylic White
53% 52% .44


U-Values for Horizontal Panels – BTU/h•ft²•°F (W/m²•K)
(Plastic Domes)
Winter Summer
Single Glazed 1.2 (6.81) 0.8 (4.54)
Double Glazed 0.7 (3.97) 0.5 (2.84)
Triple Glazed 0.39 (2.21) 0.3 (1.70)

Values from ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.
Material thickness not listed, assume .177?.
Values are per square foot of opening not dome surface.
Triple glazed values are estimated based on % of additional glazing layer.


U-Factor vs. R-Value

U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping a home or building. U-factor ratings generally fall between 0.20 and 1.20. The lower the U-factor, the better a product is at keeping heat inside the building. U-factor is particularly important during the winter heating season in colder climates

The biggest difference between U-factor and R-value is that U-factor measures the rate of heat transfer (or loss) while R-value measures the resistance to heat loss. R-value is a measure of conductance and resistance. A product with high conductance will conduct heat quickly, like a hot pan on the stove or a single pane of glass on a cold day. U-factor, on the other hand, takes into account more than conductance. It also is affected by the airflow (convection) around the skylight and the emissivity (radiated or reflected heat) of the glazing.


Tempered Glass 4 times stronger than standard glass
Acylic 20 times stronger than standard glass
Polycarbonate 200 times stronger than standard glass
Material Thickness Flame Spread (GWL) Smoke Developed
Acrylic 1/8?-1/4? 125-145 400-500
Polycarbonate 1/8?-1/4? 45 -60 400-500
Glass Non Combustible
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SPECIAL ACRYLIC COLOURS: A wide range of transparent and translucent acrylic colours are available for special effect. Consult with Artistic Skylight Domes Ltd. for special acrylic colours.


Plastic glazing has one fourth the thermal conductivity of glass, therefore giving it an insulation value of approximately 20% better than standard glass.(Please see Energy Efficiency Table for plastic glazing u-valves below) The recent advent however, of specialty glass such as low emissivity and reflective mirror glass has drastically improved the insulation and heat transmittance of glass. (Please see Energy Efficiency Reports for glass under Customer Service tab)