As Winter Approaches, New Skylights Can Improve Heating Efficiency

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New Skylights With heating oil, natural gas and gasoline prices all predicted to rise this winter, our fellow Canadians need to save money any way they can. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to increase the thermal efficiency of your homes exterior shell. This is done by decreasing the amount of heat which is lost through your walls, doors, residential skylights and windows.

Now, even children know that heat rises.  This is why so many energy efficiency experts emphasize the importance of proper attic insulation to prevent your homes heating form escaping through the roof of your home. Once that is taken care of the next biggest concern in this area of your home should be skylights if you have them.

Older residential skylights are notoriously leaky as the seals wear out over years of use. Even if you dont see water coming in, that doesnt mean air isnt getting out. Additionally, skylight technology has advanced over the years to the point where new models are many times more efficient than your current units were even when they were brand new.

Low-E glass, various coatings and double or even triple paned residential skylights are now the norm in both new construction and the replacement of existing units. These advancements are leading to many homeowners seeing a significant drop in heating costs even if leakage was negligible in their old skylights.

Once your attic is properly insulated and your residential skylights are up to date, you can begin moving onto the other parts of your homes shell. Windows and doors can be expensive to replace, but the cost is quickly offset by your monthly energy savings. As a temporary measure, windows which are not used in the winter can be sealed with clear plastic and tape which will keep the warm air inside where it belongs.

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