Halifax, NS

Artistic Skylight Domes has been providing residential skylights for our customers for well over fifty years. Each year we have improved our products, our techniques, and our machines, ensuring that our skylights are of the best quality possible. If you are shopping for quality made, durable, and long lasting residential skylights, than Artistic Skylight Domes in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the perfect one stop shop for you!

At Artistic Skylight Domes in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we don’t skimp on quality. We make sure that each and every one of our products is properly made, providing all of our customers with only the best. We know that everyone has their own style and specifications, so that’s why at Artistic Skylight Domes we carry a large variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles of standard residential skylights. Our standard residential skylight selection includes unit skylights with a curb mount, self-flashing unit skylights, unit circular skylights, pyramid skylights, and hatch-lites.

Looking for something more original? Artistic Skylight Domes can help. We have innovative programs to help us design the perfect fitting, perfectly designed skylight for your home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With our programs, we are able to provide you with the skylight that you need.

Residential skylights are quickly becoming a must-have in many homes today in Halifax, Nova Scotia because of the many benefits they have to offer. Residential skylights are routinely used to provide enhanced lighting, adding aesthetic appeal, and making the room or rooms look larger and more inviting. Not only that, but skylights are also beneficial for lowering the cost of your electrical bill as well as providing several different health benefits.

With all of these benefits, residential skylights are popular windows in many homes. At Artistic Skylight Domes in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we carry an excellent assortment of quality made and durable residential skylights that are perfect for just about any home!

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