Skylights to Increase Natural Lighting


We often wonder who is paying for the studies we see on the news that do nothing more than show something that everyone knows anyway. A frequent example of this kind of story includes the relative benefits of natural light exposure within the home or workplace when compared to incandescent or fluorescent lighting. These benefits range from mental to physical and simply cannot be denied by anyone who has experienced the contrast in their mood from a cold and dreary day to that of a sunny beautiful one. Residential skylights are wonderful way to increase your familys exposure to natural sunlight while also decreasing the amount of energy you are routinely using for lighting. Skylights to Increase Natural Lighting.

There are few simpler pleasures for a child than lying on the floor in that pool of sunlight as it cascades through your residential skylights while working on their homework. This exposure to sunlight not only makes them feel warm and happy, but also stimulates the body`s production of vitamin D which is essential to good health.

At Artistic Skylight, we have decades of experience in the business which we bring to the table on every residential skylight job we are hired to perform. This allows us to not only help you choose the style and placement of lights which will look great from the outside, but also provide optimal lighting of your home`s interior. Just imagine the money you could save if you could eliminate the use of artificial lighting between sunrise and sunset every day.

Our cutting edge techniques and materials also us to choose the exact glazing which is perfect for your home. Over the past few years, it has become possible to coat the glass or acrylic in such a way which allows for maximum light while avoiding the classical problem of overtaxing your air conditioning on hot summer days.

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