You may just think of the visible shape and panel ,when referring to the Winnipeg residential skylights. However there are many aspects of skylights, which relate to the design and affect their usefulness. While some skylights are used for providing light for a large area, the others have a different purpose. This means that you need to learn about skylights and skylight design before you choose one for your home. As a matter of fact, to make the selection process easier for you, Artistic Skylight Domes have got all the variety of skylights covered.

We have got the most seasoned professionals who know all the technical aspects of skylights, to offer one of the finest Winnipeg residential skylight services. Without any doubt, the Winnipeg residential skylights are really beneficial to be installed in your home. Ask anyone and they would tell you that a skylight which is properly designed and installed can light up an entire room, provide heat and helps in improving the appearance of your home. Furthermore you can also think of utilizing the solar power from these skylights to play your part in being environmentally friendly.

It does not matter what type of home ceiling thickness you have got, as the there are Winnipeg residential skylights that come in all designs for meeting your requirements. However the buildings which have got thick ceilings, multi-storied buildings and attics often use tubular skylights. The tubular skylights is a skylights which has a long tubular channel having a collector at the top and diffuser at its bottom for illuminating the area ranging from 75 to 150 sq ft per skylight. This is just perfect for restroom buildings, cubicles and small offices.

These skylights are effective when used at the bottom of a multi-story building for gaining light space. For the installation, you need a trained professional like the ones we have got at Artistic Skylight Domes, to work with the thickness of your ceiling and angles for the most optimum use of skylights.

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