Noise pollution can be a source of stress and distractions in any environment. The upside is that skylights with laminated glass are designed to mitigate outdoor sounds while letting the natural light in.

“Sounds insulation is one of the most desirable benefits of laminated glass skylights,” agrees Marco Ferrazzo, Manager with Artistic Skylights, “Not only do you get the aesthetic benefit of bringing sunlight into an environment, but the composition of laminated glass makes it ideal for keeping those outside disturbances at bay.”

Acoustic performance

The acoustic performance of laminated glass is owed to the shear dampening characteristics of the plastic interlayer. This also plays a large role in filtering 99.9 per cent of all UV exposure and is classified as a safety glass for its high durability and strength. However, not all sounds are equal. Exterior noises can range in intensity from low frequencies (e.g., trucks and traffic), middle frequencies (e.g., conversations and typing), and high frequencies (e.g., airplanes and construction). As such, there is a range of laminated glass products to cover the spectrum of outdoor noises.

Enter: sound transmission classes (STCs). Developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), STCs define the level of sound insulation that a material provides. The number is calculated by individual transmission losses at specified test frequencies (ASTM E-90 and ASTM E-413), with higher STC values equating to stronger noise insulation qualities.

Science of sound

The science of sound insulation can be complex. However, there are benefits to understanding the STC of a laminated glass skylight model.

“This information is available if you know where to look, but an experienced manufacturer or supplier will work with the customer to identify their circumstances and point them in the right direction,” adds Ferrazzo.

Boosting health and moods

Peace and quiet is a rare commodity. Fortunately, laminated glass skylights can play a key role in boosting health and occupant moods while turning down the volume on excess noise.

“It’s about more than being able to enjoy natural light in an office, warehouse, or home,” adds Ferrazzo, “It’s about reducing stress and feeling good in the process.”

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