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Our Acrylic Barrel Vault Continuous Skylight with Dome Ends is an economical choice for any large spanning curb applications. It provides an exceptional architectural look at a budgetary price. Built entirely from North American sourced, high-grade materials, this skylight is designed and built to withstand the harshest climates. This product has been tested to the highest NAFS-17 industry standards making it the first of its kind. Regardless of the size required, this model skylight can be shipped in modular sections to site and reassembled in only a few hours if required.  It is comprised of an all-aluminum curb frame that has been sealed with a PVC Frost-Free thermal break profile designed for mounting on 3” (76mm) wide curbs, dual-layer UV-stabilized acrylic lenses, and heavy-duty aluminum cap frames to complete the assembly.

In addition, this product can be completely customized to suit any project design. Some customization options include custom painted interior and exterior framing (can be multiple colours), upgraded acrylic options such as tinted or translucent white and can be built to suit any custom sizes.

This skylight option provides an economical choice for adding natural daylight and open sky views to any part of your house or commercial application. Recommended for any installation on any flat roof system but would work exceptionally well for large-format homes, outdoor patios, commercial buildings, office areas, showrooms, meeting rooms, large walkways.

Options & Specifications

  • NAFS-17 Tested
  • Ideal For Flat Roofs
Recommended Use
  • Luxury Homes
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Area
  • Showrooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Large Walkways
Frame Options
Mill Finish
Commercial Brown
Matte Black
Custom Colours Avail.
Glazing Options
Clear / Clear
Bronze / Clear
Clear / White
Triple Glazing
Product Options & Specifications

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