Alden Taylor: Retired But Not Expired

September 15, 2023

For 40+ years, Artistic Skylight has stood to be a pillar of high quality and skylight excellence. It’s because of the people that work here and do what they all do that make us the company that we are today.

There is one employee in particular that has gone from new hire, to long term staff member, to friend, and of course family. His service with the company is long spread, vast and deeply embedded; always putting in the effort, the time and his best foot forward every year since the beginning. Today is a day that we all knew deep down in our hearts would come, but never truly think would ever be.

It is with a heavy heart to announce that after 36 years of Service Excellence with Artistic Skylight, Mr. Alden Taylor will be retiring from our firm to dedicate more time towards his family and loved ones.

As a young man, grand ambitions to start a family, find stable work and achieve long term prosperity was strong motivation to simply put a best foot forward and work hard. When signing on with Artistic Skylight in 1987, his abilities were quickly established as an asset to the company. Through the years, Alden firmly established himself as Artistic Skylight’s Acrylic Forming Team Leader and for the better part of his journey with the firm, has formed the acrylic domes that make up a vast majority of our product line. A job not for the faint of heart.

His service and dedication will be forever missed but will always serve as an inspiration for all of us continuing our journey.

A NOTE FROM ALL OF US: All the best Alden. May your next chapter in life bring you the ultimate in health and happiness. May you gather as much joy from your new set adventures that you have bestowed upon this company over all these years. Stay true, stay healthy, stay in touch. With all our hearts, YOUR FRIENDS AT ARTISTIC SKYLIGHT.