Innovation is second nature in the skylight industry. And in recent years, manufacturers have made significant strides when it comes to developing materials that make skylights more stylish, effective, and efficient.

Prismatic polycarbonate: An industry-proven glazing option

Case in point is prismatic polycarbonate, an industry-proven glazing option that is becoming increasingly popular among skylight customers. The material has been around for decades throughout other industries (i.e. drop ceiling light fixtures) but has now recently been adapted to the skylight realm.

“What’s interesting is that the material has been used in several applications for years, but more and more skylight customers are recognizing its benefits,” says Marco Ferrazzo, Process Manager with Artistic Skylights.

Ample benefits

There are ample benefits to appreciate. Prismatic polycarbonate sheets feature a textured pattern on one side that are designed for optimal light transmission and diffusion, collecting and reflecting more daylight per square inch than standard smooth polycarbonate or acrylic. Any marring, scratches, blemishes or debris are also easily masked and almost non-existent due to the texture.

The material is lightweight and extremely durable, offering long-term protection against cracks and heavy impacts. And with new-age UV stabilizers chemically formulated right into the material, the product is protected from long-term degradation of UV radiation, preventing cracks and yellowing.

Advantage for skylights

These attributes are an advantage for skylights. Not only does prismatic polycarbonate glazing optimize the diffusion of natural light within indoor environments, but the material is also effective at mitigating inside hot spots, thereby reducing the strain on cooling systems and, ultimately, saving energy. The result is glazing that makes ideal use of natural light while contributing to a more energy-efficient environment.

“Prismatic polycarbonate is a remarkable material, which is why we’re pleased to offer it as a new glazing option,” says Ferrazzo.

See how Artistic Skylight is putting prismatic polycarbonate to work. Contact us today for more information.

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