The wheels on Energy Star go ’round and ’round

When we think of Energy Star’s 2024 program update and how it fits in our industry, we think of that ‘in case of an emergency’ laptop from the Stone Age that we all store in our back room.

Why, you may ask? For two reasons: 1. It’s a remarkably reliable classic, and why would you cut off that assurance policy? and 2. Its ever-rolling updates can make it difficult to keep, though it is never too difficult to find a spot for it. In more direct terms, Energy Star’s latest update has our industry fighting to stay certified and keep up like a circus acrobat running on a ball. The good news is that Artistic Skylights loves to stand in the spotlight, even if it means enduring cardio, as we continue (and will continue) to stick the landing for our customers’ reassurance.

Ultimately, staying on top of the ball is no easy feat, so come along as we freeze frame and unpack what it means to remain certified under Energy Star’s 2024 program.

Stringent criteria for singling out sustainable products

The Energy Star 2024 program sets even higher standards for energy efficiency, pushing manufacturers to innovate and surpass previous benchmarks. These stricter criteria not only raise the bar for existing products but also pave the way for the development of new technologies that prioritize environmental responsibility. Artistic Skylights recognizes the importance of this evolution and has aligned its product development strategies accordingly.

By exceeding these criteria, we ensure that our Energy Star-certified skylights meet and exceed the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

Energy Star shines a sustainable light on manufacturing

Beyond mere monitoring of U-Values, the Energy Star 2024 program places a renewed emphasis on sustainability and environmental impact in production. This holistic approach aligns with Artistic Skylights’ core values, driving us to create energy-efficient products and minimize our carbon footprint throughout the manufacturing process. By utilizing eco-friendly materials and adopting sustainable practices, we ensure that every skylight we produce contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Turning our Energy Star into a full circle

To round out our PSA, we present one last orbital analogy: the turnover of Energy Star’s program is landing like a hamster that’s fallen out of step on its wheel and can’t let go.

When it comes to selecting skylights for your home or business, ensuring that they are Energy Star-rated for the most recent year is crucial, as many suppliers once were certified but are no longer. By choosing Energy Star-rated skylights, consumers not only benefit from energy efficiency and cost savings but also contribute to environmental sustainability. So while the pool may be drying up, we’re proud to keep it ten toes down in the puddle of a few suppliers in Canada to maintain this vital accreditation.

And with our rat race mapped out, it’s now over to you to take the extra step in verifying the product’s certification status, as Artistic Skylights will continue to shine a light on efficiency and sustainability in this next rotation.

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