Takedown indecision with this skylight comparison – no switch kick necessary

In the league of skylight comparisons, two heavyweight contenders step into the ring – acrylic and polycarbonate. When these transparent titans are vying for a spot in your space, both will promise to let the sunshine in and keep the elements out. But which one will emerge victorious in this epic battle of the skylight superstars? And what will make the difference?

Let’s break down the match of the millennium and see which material shines the brightest.

Round 1: Skylight clarity and brilliance depend on perspective

In the left corner, we have acrylic, the reigning champion of clarity. Known for its crystal-clear appearance, acrylic skylights allow sunlight to filter through with unparalleled brilliance. When brightening the room is the challenge, acrylic is the choice.

On the right, we have polycarbonate, a tough competitor with a slightly hazier disposition. While it may not match acrylic’s clarity, polycarbonate compensates with its robust strength.

Round 2: Polycarbonate takes down toughness and durability

Polycarbonate skylights are practically indestructible, capable of withstanding impacts that would otherwise take out their acrylic counterpart. Artistic Skylights Manager Marco Ferrazo explains that “Our Fall Protection Series, for example, are made from ultra-high impact resistant polycarbonate material and can withstand a maximum load drop of 250 lbs up to 7ft., which equals 1,750 ft/lbs of energy.” It’s the go-to for durable skylight materials – nothing fazes it.

Acrylic, on the other hand, is more delicate and requires a gentler touch. If your roof anticipates heavy traffic, polycarbonate is your strongest bet.

Round 3: Acrylic wins the weight class

Acrylic skylights are the lightweight contenders, making installation a breeze and reducing the load on your roof. Polycarbonate weighs heavier due to its durable properties, making acrylic the better fit if your roof is on the more delicate side.

Round 4: Insulation and energy efficiency take a draw

When it comes to keeping your space cozy, both acrylic and polycarbonate bring something to the table. Acrylic skylights offer excellent insulation properties, helping to keep your indoor climate just right. Polycarbonate, though not as stellar in the insulation department, compensates by letting in less UV radiation.

Final verdict: Which skylight material is made from the element of your surprise?

In the battle of acrylic vs. polycarbonate skylights, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. If you value clarity, lightweight elegance, and are gentle on your space, acrylic might be the skylight sidekick you’ve been searching for. However, if durability, toughness, and a touch of haziness don’t bother you, polycarbonate could be the bulletproof beacon your roof needs.

The choice is yours – unless the element of surprise is making you want to tear a new hole in the roof. In this case, contact us, and we’d be happy to coach you to the decision that’s as bright as the sun streaming through your new skylight.

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