In the world of skylights, safety reigns supreme. All the health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits are important factors, but not if they come with heightened risks for roof-top crews. With this in mind, skylight manufacturers are consistently exploring new designs and products that will enhance safety for anyone who finds themselves working around a skylight.

Enter: Artistic Skylight’s new Model FPS-FS Skylight Fall Screens.

“We talk a lot about the ways a skylight can enhance an environment, but we also have to make sure keeping the safety of our installers and maintenance people at the top of the discussion,” says Marco Ferrazzo, a manager with Artistic Skylights. “We take fall and injury prevention very seriously, and this new skylight fall screen model reflects that mission.”

The model FPS-FS fall screen is a galvanized steel mesh cage that can be fitted over any skylight to provide a visual warning to roof-top crews and prevent potential fall-throughs. In so doing, the product introduces several safety factors to a project, including:

  • Fall-through Prevention: Worker health and safety have always been a priority in construction – and rightfully so. Elements like skylights, however, introduce a degree of risk to rooftop job sites for roofers and maintenance crews. Covering up exposed skylights with a skylight fall screen makes for a safer work area with reduced risks. Moreover, the screen’s large profile acts as a visual barrier to those working around skylights, adding an element of prevention.
  • Heavy Gauge Build Quality: A fall screen’s purpose is to catch a person or object from falling through a skylight long enough so that they can be evacuated from the danger area safely. Thanks to its heavy gauge galvanized steel construction, Artistic Skylight’s Model FPS-FS is a strong, durable, and effective solution that does just that. And, with heavy gauge materials designed for outdoor environments, the screens are made to last years without deterioration or loss of effectiveness.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Skylight fall screens are cost-effective compared to alternate skylight safety measures, making them a budget-friendly addition.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing safety features shouldn’t add time or resources to a project schedule. The Model FPS-FS Skylight Fall Screen is made with mechanical fasteners that enable it to be installed in approximately 5-10 minutes, which is considerably less than other skylight safety systems. This quick and easy installation reduces the opportunity for installation errors and saves money on labour.
  • Non-penetrating Installation: The ease of installation for Artistic Skylight’s fall screens is owed to the absence of any roofing or skylight penetrations. The fall screen is completely fastened to itself, reducing any risk of voiding any skylight or roofing warranties. Similarly, the screens can be applied to almost any new or existing skylight, making it a cost-effective choice for retrofitting older skylights to comply with evolving safety guidelines.

“There’s no understating the value of safety in skylight design,” says Ferrazzo. “Products like Model FPS-FS Skylight Fall Screens in the market is one of many indications that the industry takes this value seriously, and that we’re equipped to deliver solutions.”

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