With the snow on retreat and sunny days ahead, many homeowners are eager to refresh their curb appeal. Deciding on a style for your home’s exterior is daunting, but a snapshot of today’s design trends can inspire you.

“The style you land on for your home’s exterior comes down to personal taste, but it never hurts to see what the design gurus and real estate professionals are seeing out there in the market,” says Marco Ferrazzo, Manager with Artistic Skylights.

Ready for a refresh? Planning a future build or renovation? Consider these home exterior design trends:

A lighter approach: Colour is one of the most important decisions to make for your home’s outward appearance. To that end, designers are noticing a trend toward more “classic” and timeless looks. Specifically, houses with lighter or more neutral tones are growing in popularity, while earthy greens, browns, and blues are also being used to tie a home’s design into its surrounding environment.

Making it pop: A splash of colour or contrasting dark accents are also in favour. Property owners are also implementing exterior design features such as vibrant “statement doors,” brightly coloured window frames, painted railings, or other dark accents.

From the earth: Natural textures are cropping up in many home designs. These can range from natural brick siding to wood elements (e.g., porches, window headers, window shutters, etc.), as well as distinct metallic features such as metal roofs or copper gutters and downspouts.

Embracing the outdoors: Speaking of earthly comfort, the front porch is making a comeback. Where space permits, homeowners are taking cues from classic Colonial and Victorian styles to build or expand their front porches. These outdoor spaces provide a welcoming element to the home while integrating natural features.

Eco-forward appeal: Sustainability continues to be top of mind for property owners. As such, it’s not uncommon to find home exteriors crafted from recycled or environmentally-friendly materials or featuring sustainable retrofits such as solar panels, water collection systems, and energy-efficient skylights.

Letting in the light: Natural light never goes out of style. And today, the demand for large, energy-efficient windows and/or skylights is stronger than ever. These features are ideal for lighting up interiors and providing views of one’s surroundings.

Style is always subjective. We’ve pooled these trends from home exterior designers across the community, but the best approach is one that fits your personal tastes and budget.

“Every homeowner is unique,” adds Ferrazzo. “The style, colour, or materials that appeal to one skylight client, for example, might not work for the other. So, as with any home design element, it’s always a good idea to look around, consult the experts, and go with what works for your home.”

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