Looking ahead as we tune-up for 2024

Thought that playlist would be your last walk down 2023 lane? Welcome to the new year (we’re starting early), where we say Spotify isn’t the only company that can raise the roof in a year-end reflection!

It’s last call for 2023 – so it’s time to linger for a moment on the brilliance that defined our year as a journey of innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence in building architectural design. “Even though navigating these unpredictable times has been challenging at best, we have been able to endure and prosper with the support of a strong following made up of so many great individuals,” says Marco Ferrazzo, a manager with Artistic Skylights.

In lieu of bidding adieu to our most developmental year yet, let’s take a moment to unravel the highlights and milestones that have shaped Artistic Skylights’ trajectory in 2023.

Let’s remix this business!

In 2024, Artistic Skylights’ blog travelled near and far through posts that covered a diverse range of genres. From sustainable product/building design to construction industry challenges and back(yard trends), we let the light shine in on all the crevices of commercial real estate news.

However, in case you missed a beat in the eggnog swirl of our industry knowledge, here’s just a taste of this year’s greatest hits:

  1. Exterior Home Trends – A Snapshot of Home Exterior Design Trends: A review of how property owners are styling their homes, with a focus on where to target your renovation updates to increase curb appeal.
  2. Avoid These Common Bathroom Renovation Missteps: A look into where most DIYers fall short on the restroom redesign, offering recommendations and pro-tips in substitution.
  3. LEED Program Explainer: An Overview to Understand Sustainable Building(s): Recognizing the convoluted nature of sustainable building criteria, here we laid out how LEED programs grade buildings and how to choose the skylight that’s right for your project.
  4. Travel to New Heights With Our Artistic Skylights Product Builder Tool: Focusing on how our new product builder tool can help architects bring their building design vision to life, this blog explores how to get the most out of our BIM object.

This we promise you

Turning the track to 2024, Artistic Skylights looks forward to staying NSYNC with our exceptional industry rapport, popping the challenges and locking in the opportunities that lie ahead. Understanding the crucial role of dependable building materials in a smooth construction process, we’re committed to working tirelessly for you. At the end of the day (and year), we take home the hard-earned role of being your reliable source for top-notch daylighting products.
Our goal? To keep our high-quality products accessible without compromising quality. So, rest assured knowing we’re dedicated to upholding standards and keeping your projects well-supplied – no compromises necessary.

Taking the floor for 2024: the Vero Light Skylight

With our eyes on the ceiling, we’re setting the tempo on the new year’s dance floor with the Vero Light skylight – our innovative solution to the growing demand for increased daylight and energy efficiency. Featuring a robust aluminum frame with PURE vinyl thermal technology, this skylight stands out with its unique pyramid-shaped prismatic lens crafted from high-quality polycarbonate. The design ensures exceptional daylight diffusion, maximizing surface area, eliminating hot spots and saturating your space in soft, natural light.

Beyond aesthetics, these skylights are impressively durable, boasting strength 250 times that of traditional glass. They outshine competitors by collecting 30% more daylight, making them ideal for illuminating warehouses or offices. With a perfect balance of diffused light distribution and solar glare reduction, Vero Light skylights usher in the future of lighting, transforming spaces into havens of natural illumination and energy efficiency.

Dropping the mic on 2023

Per Mother Rihanna’s words – 2023 put on quite a show, so as we take a bow, we’d like to give a round of applause to you and dedicate this round-up to our faithful clients, customers and crowd of readers alike.

This past year has been a turntable of creativity for Artistic Skylights. As we step into the new groove, we’re proud of the mark we’ve left behind in commercial real estate and look upwards to a crystal-clear view for 2024. With that said, cheers to a groovy 2023 and the smooth operations to come in this next even brighter year!

We hope you have a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday season.

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