Budding at the seams

Nature is full of cycles – so it only makes sense that we, as humans, match speed and keep our backyard renovations turning over fresh new looks every few seasons. As we’re making our way through 2023, it’s in(side) with the old and out(side) with the new looks – adjusting high-maintenance looks to make for a long-term low-maintenance fit. If you’re wondering how best to accomplish this contradictory task, search no further to find out how best to turn your topsoil into the garden of the times.

Plunge into the new you

Swan dive into your backyard makeover with a pool installation and never look back. Plunge pools, specifically, are rising in popularity in today’s backyards, offering a low-maintenance and budget-friendly option with a high-standard appearance. Though this amenity is typically smaller and all one depth, there are still different options for customization with steps, benches and slopes. Best of all – plunge pools can double as a spa tub, allowing for year-round use and falling in line with 2023’s looks for longevity.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls – bring them to you

Why stop at the lawn when you can take the aquatic features to the garden? Let your garden represent all the elements, and bring the sound of water to your space to give it that naturally effortless but elevated new feel. With designs ranging from mini waterfalls to upscale fountains, this option keeps the backyard renovation trend open to all budgets and tastes. Better yet, consider choosing a display with metal materials, and get bonus points for tying in Forbes’ recommendation for more metals in 2023 landscape designs.

Shine a spotlight on your backyard renovation

From sheds to loggias, skylights help you keep the outdoor feel in your outdoor space – no matter how many walls it has. 2023 is all about natural vibrancy, making these star-gazing and cloud-spotting portals the perfect medium to let the light shine through. Through their minimalist appearance and maximalist effect, we encourage incorporating skylights into your overhangs, canopies or any other structure. With the design’s stress-relieving benefits and aesthetic appeal, making all the cushions a window seat will always leave a luxurious taste in the mouth.

Let out with the in

The indoors are venturing to the outdoors in today’s landscaping looks, bringing the same comfort and quality you’d expect from interior pieces without the fear of fading or wearing. The reason more people are choosing fabrics is thanks to manufacturers using acrylic fibres that are fade-resistant and weatherproof. Through these developments in outdoor materials and the increase in their demand, exterior designers are now creating permanent living spaces oriented around comfort and long-term wear. So skip the daily stacking and packing – let the cushions do the work.

Play the long game

Above all, today’s backyard renovation trends are all about getting real in the real world. With post-recession perspectives and nature’s unnatural patterns, sustainability and longevity are top of mind and basing 2023 gardens. More specifically, homeowners are investing in quality and organic materials, like composite decking and hardwood lumber. These choices reflect the overall spend-now-save-later design trend, choosing substances that are resistant to UV rays, insects, water and weather damage to spare future hours spent on landscaping blogs.

Let the light in

Backyards are for beautiful days and bouncing sun rays, bringing a little happiness to your natural, safe space. Thankfully, 2023 is all about turning old designs inside out and bringing a little new and informed longevity with you while you’re at it. So when ceilings can’t hold the cycling of your landscaping tastes, let our designs be a bright idea in your backyard.

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