Bathroom renovations are prime opportunities to refresh your environment and add value to your home. But before you start breaking down walls, it’s important to plan and budget accordingly to avoid costly mistakes.

“Bathrooms are a popular choice for renovation projects, but they’re also a unique environment in the home that requires extra planning when it comes to ventilation, lighting, and aesthetics,” says Macro Ferrazzo, a manager with Artistic Skylights.

Refreshing your restroom? Big plans for your bathroom? Consider the following to avoid common bathroom renovation missteps:

Keep the air flowing

Bathrooms generate excess moisture from hot showers, baths, and running faucets. Without proper ventilation and airflow, that moisture can stay trapped within the room, leading to harmful mould or structural damage. Double-check your designs to ensure the renovated space has adequate ventilation and that exterior-facing elements (e.g., new windows, skylights, etc.) are made to keep condensation in check.

Don’t fall short on waterproofing

As noted above, bathroom activities generate a lot of water. Without the right amount of waterproofing, that water can seep between the floors and walls to cause damage and potential health issues. Make sure your plans include the right amount of waterproofing sealants and materials.

Optimize your skylight

A skylight will dramatically improve a bathroom’s aesthetic while providing health and wellness benefits, assuming they’re installed correctly. Consult with skylight professionals to determine how much natural light you want to bring in and which skylight materials, size, and installation angle, will fit your goals.

Avoid dim outcomes

All your bathroom renovation work (and money) will go unseen without adequate lighting. Poor lighting can make your new washroom feel unappealing and make it harder to carry out daily tasks Here’s where incorporating a mix of natural (e.g., skylights and windows) and artificial light sources will help your newly renovated space shine at all hours of the day.

Optimize your fixtures

Take a second (or third) look at where you’re placing your bathroom fixtures (e.g., bathtubs, toilets, sinks, cabinets, etc.) to ensure you’re making the best use of the space and that elements aren’t bumping up against each other.

Don’t be afraid to call in a bathroom renovation expert

You may want to go full DIY on your bathroom reno, but when it comes to specialized tasks (e.g., plumbing, electricity, skylight installation, etc.), don’t shy away from calling some extra help. Doing the job right the first time will save you time, money, and headaches.

“We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it’s worth taking extra time to consider all the factors that will give you the best odds of a successful project outcome,” says Ferrazzo.

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