Skylights can be an ideal home accent or a refreshing office feature, and yet lingering misconceptions make some property stakeholders reluctant to seize their benefits. Among these are outdated perceptions about how skylights hold up under the elements; particularly, when it comes to stopping leaks.

“Even though skylights and materials and technologies have evolved considerably over the years, there is still a stigma around leaking,” says Marco Ferrazzo, Process Manager with Artistic Skylights. “In reality, thanks to better materials, technologies, and all-round industry experience, this perception is slowly decaying.”

This stigma is driven in large part by incidents from the past. Specifically, what has been dubbed as the “Purple Plague” from the 1980s which saw an influx of acrylic materials enter the Canadian skylight market from offshore sources, leading to inferior quality products and leaky results. This was no doubt a smudge on the skylight industry’s reputation, but one that leading manufacturers have taken significant steps to address.

“We’ve come a long, long way in 40 years,” says Ferrazzo. “Not only do we have much more experience and industry standards to guide us, but waterproofing has been a key focus for us.”

“We know the stigma exists,” he adds, “And we’ve worked hard to erase it.”

Leading-edge waterproofing

Artistic Skylights, for example, incorporates leading-edge waterproofing features in all of its residential and commercial products. This includes advanced sealants and glazing materials that have proven effective in driving down failure rates over the years. Moreover, both residential and commercial models alike feature anti-condensation and frost-free thermal technologies that prevent the build-up of moisture and other water issues from the onset.

Installing a skylight properly is another sure-fire strategy to prevent issues. After all, keeping water at bay requires air-tight sealing, precision assembly, and experience to position a skylight in any number of challenging roof-top conditions.

Regular maintenance

Reliable products and expert installation are no doubt essential to skylight performance. Still, there are steps that skylight owners can take to ensure their skylights are performing optimally. Regular maintenance, for one, will ensure condensation control features are free from blockages and working as intended, while inspections will spot any damages or issues that may impede performance if left unchecked.

Skylights are a safe and beneficial investment for any property. Like any building feature, however, it pays to monitor their performance. Here’s where working with skylight professionals can help set performance expectations, extend the lifespan of one’s investment, and keep potential issues at bay.

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