Nothing lasts forever. And while modern skylights are made to go the distance against the Canadian climate, there will inevitably come a time to replace your skylight.

“Everything has a service life, no matter how well they were initially made or installed,” agrees Nenzio Ferrazzo, Project Manager with Artistic Skylights. “Fortunately, it’s easy to tell when a skylight might be nearing the end of its use, and it’s relatively simple and cost-effective to do something about it.”

Not sure if it’s time to replace your skylight? Consider the following signs.

  • Check the “best before” date: Well made skylights can last upwards of a decade (and more). Double-check your purchase date to see if it may be time to look for an upgrade.
  • Wear and tear: Cracks or discolouration on the glass or acrylic are sure signs that your skylight needs attention. Not only do these damages detract from the visual appeal of a skylight, but they can reduce its overall functionality.
  • Foggy view: If there is a cloudy, foggy view that is accumulating in between the lenses, this may be a sign that the glazing seals have deteriorated. If your skylight is accumulating condensation or hazing in between the layers, odds are there are issues with the window’s sealant. But remember, condensation on the interior of your home is a separate phenomenon that is attributed to high humidity levels in the home. For more on condensation visit our other article Preventing condensation 101.
  • Did you feel that? Leaks are a telltale sign that a skylight needs a repair or replacement. Even if you can’t see the crack, there may be gaps in the frame that are letting the water through. This can result in wet floors, architecture damage, or even mould. Try to replace your skylight before any major issues arise.
  • 2-in-1 reno: Considering a roofing project? Planning a reno? Your skylight may not technically require replacing, but home or building projects are ideal times to factor an upgrade. Just make sure that your roofing contractor replaces the skylight last, to avoid any accidental damages while working.

A new opportunity: Skylight designs and technologies are constantly evolving. So while your skylight may not be at the end of its service life, there might be a newer model that offers greater efficiency, style, or functionality.

“Skylights are like any other fixture in your home or work environment in that there eventually comes a time when you know it’s time to them replaced,” notes Ferrazzo. “Sometimes it’s a necessity; sometimes it’s because it makes sense to install a better model. Either way, there’s a benefit to working with specialists who can discuss your best options.”

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